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Meet Nimb

The ring with a panic button
To send an alert to friends and family, community members, people nearby, police and emergency services.
4mm Vibration Motor
Bluetooth v4.0
Rechargeable Li-Po Battery
3-color LED
Secret button
Sizes: 4—12 (US)Colors: Black & WhiteTwo weeks of regular useCompatibility:Bluetooth 4.0 or later;Apple iOS 7 or later;Google Android 4.0 or later;Windows Mobile 8.0 or later

Safety Circles

When in emergency, just press and hold the button.

Safety Circles

The message with your location will immediately reach your safety circles

People Nearby

Notification is received by people within 300 yards from the place of alert.

Friends & Family

Relatives, friends and other trusted individuals who are ready to provide help.

Police & Emergency Services

Enforcement and medical assistance organizations.

Private Security Services

Armed rapid response teams.

The Community

People united by willingness to help those who are in trouble

Smart & reliable
in most situations

Unwanted and Suspicious Contacts
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Meeting new people is great, but there are contacts you'd probably rather avoid. If you are facing a stranger with suspicious, aggressive or brutal behaviour, Nimb is the best way to call for help. In some unfortunate cases you can be stalked, followed, or hounded by the person you know with a previous history of being abusive. Let your friends, loved ones and responsible enforcement institution know that you need help.
Night Events and Crowded Places
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Going out is fun — When it ends with you sleeping in your bed peacefully, safe and sound. If the crowded event goes crazy, Nimb gives you a certain extent of control. You can enjoy loud and crazy parties with confidence: Help will come should you need it.
Health issues
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Being gifted with good health doesn't assure you from feeling not so well. Sudden malaise could not only ruine your plans but cause a lot of troubles if medical attention comes late. Send an instant alert to you family and health emergency services using Nimb — help comes, and you're going to be alright.
Late commute
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Working long hours? Been there, done that. You're excited by new career opportunities but worry about the dark lonely street commutes that interfere with your job satisfaction.. With Nimb you never walk alone. Your family and loved ones will know if something dangerous crosses your path on the way home.
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Children are our happiness and joy, and the source of worries of all sorts. They depend on us, and we feel responsible for them. Nimb will free you from continuous anxiety: If they are okay or have found themselves in trouble. Give the ring to your kid and wear one yourself — you will never miss an alert, your ring will notify you with a vibration if your baby needs help.
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Caregivers carry a lot on their shoulders: They provide support for people who depend on them. Nimb makes their life easier — you will always know if your loved one or someone you're responsible for is in danger.

Meet our app

Coming soon

Alert cards

“Alert card” will have your name, photo, location when in trouble, built-in chat and a map for response teams


Respond to emergency alerts through Nimb’s built-in chat feature and “alert cards”


Receive emergency notifications and sms from others in trouble

Standalone features

Send alerts, even without your Nimb ring

Safety list & tags

Preset your contact safety list and set tags to join communities

Safety Map

Access City Safety Maps at any time

Third-party Services

Private security services & medical care

What’s in the box

  • Nimb ring
  • Charger
  • User Manual

Package contains

  • Nimb ring
  • Charger
  • User Manual

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